Decision Making

“Have you ever wondered how successful people make decisions so easily?

The answer is that they know their values what important to them and what they stand for.”

– Aileen A’Vard

Value Based Approach

Our values help us to make decisions and take action. Values are the cornerstone of our beliefs and what is important

Our values can hold us ransom in our business and work or sometimes our values are holding back our business from expanding.

Once we are clear on our values our path, direction and decisions are so much easier to make and chart forward.

Our values can free us, allow us to enjoy life, family and build wealth for our retirement .

Why We Focus on Values

Values form the basis of our coaching and therapeutic work with individuals and organizations. Our values represent the kind of person we want to be and what we want to stand for in our life. They define what kind of coworker, manager, employee, friend, or partner we want to be. Like a compass, values direct us toward the behaviors that reflect the kind of person we most deeply want to be.

Clarifying our values—defining what is meaningful and purposeful in our life, envisioning what kind of person we want to be, and identifying specific steps that bring us closer to being that person—is important because values direct and guide our behaviors. Because values represent our deeply held beliefs, they motivate us to create and maintain behavioral change. When we link our values to specific behaviors, our values encourage us to behave effectively and influence the decisions we make. Likewise, identifying inconsistencies between our behaviors and our values motivates us to change our behavior so that it reflects our values more fully.

What Values Are—and Are Not

Values are not goals. Goals are tangible, achievable destinations, which may or may not be met. Values, on the other hand, are a constant companion. We don’t “achieve” or “complete” a value. Instead, our values influence how we move through the world. This means we choose, at every moment, to take steps that bring us closer (or further away) from the kind of person that we most deeply want to be.

Values are freely chosen. Values are freely chosen representations of our deeply held beliefs. Values, just like musical taste or preference in food, can never be wrong[JB1] . When we recognize our values both as freely chosen and as guiding behaviors, we strengthen the link between our values and our behavior.

Values are not emotions or thoughts. Feeling less anxious, happier, or more confident is not a value. These are emotional states, which are highly variable. Values, however, are a way of being in the world and are not contingent on external circumstances and limitations, emotions or thoughts.

Values are not about labeling our weaknesses or deficits. Identifying values doesn’t mean that this particular value is something we lack or need to work on; it’s about clarifying what matters most to us.

Values are not needs/wants[JB2] Our values are not about other people’s behaviors or what we need or want from them; they are about our own behaviors. What we need or want from others is not always in our control; our values, on the other hand, are always within our direct control.

Values and behaviors are always under our control. Regardless of circumstance, we always control our values. We choose our values—and how we behave in response to those values.

How Values Help Us

Values play a vital role in both our professional and personal lives. Clarifying values in the workplace empowers organizations and individuals because values emphasize our ability to choose our behaviors regardless of our circumstances. Values are about what truly matters to us, not what we think “should” matter. Therefore, helping individuals in an organization to identify where their own values overlap with organizational values is important. They can then act on these values, creating a work environment that is cohesive, authentic, and collaborative because it is based on core values that are genuinely shared.

Likewise, clarifying values benefits us in our personal life. Values influence how we act in relationships with family, friends, strangers, and even with ourselves. They influence what relationships we enter into—and what relationships we leave behind. They guide and steady us through good times and bad, keeping us on course to being and becoming the person we most deeply want to be Our values can free us, allow us to enjoy life, build relationship, family and build wealth.

Do you know what are your current values, are they moving you toward your goals or are experiencing conflict?

Take action and move in your direction of your dream, desire and success.

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Hey, I’m Aileen

Building multi million international businesses for over 30 years

NLP coach and practitioner

Women’s life transition coach

Award winning business coach

It’s Time to STEP UP in your life!

My clients are successful, smart business people, just like you, who are feeling confused about direction and finding passion in their business and life. You know it’s your beliefs holding you back, but you feel powerless to change it.

You’re sitting at a crossroads and want to start a new journey, to feel more purpose in your  life, but you’re filled with fear, uncertainty and overwhelm – so, you sit in that place where you’re not moving forwards, not moving backwards, not taking action, yet deeply yearning for more in life. I can help you realign with your deep sense of clarity by using scientifically proven and holistic methodologies that get results, fast – so you can begin taking powerful, aligned steps forward with confidence and conviction. 

This is where I can help – to release the blocks that are holding you back.

My Story

Aileen A’Vard is a life coach, trainer and mentor. She undertook her training at the largest coaching school in Australasia in NLP and evidence-based coaching and training.

Aileen as a child was bullied, which sparked her desire to educate children to have their own voice so they don’t experience what she did.

Aileen and her husband, Wayne have owned and operated a very successful manufacturing and export business for over 25 years. This is where Aileen discovered her desire to teach adults the same fundamental principles she had been teaching her young pupils.

Together with facilitating training Building Confidence workshops and one on one sessions, as a mentor Aileen volunteers and facilitates youth leadership programs to empower children and young adults.

Business and life. You know it’s your beliefs holding you back, but you feel powerless to change it.

Success Stories

She was patient and helped me during the moments I was stuck, using different techniques with mastery.

Aileen is an experienced coach with a calm and supportive way. We had a great connection and she made me feel really comfortable from the start, leading to an extremely positive session, full of breakthroughs!

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