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She was patient and helped me during the moments I was stuck, using different techniques with mastery.

Aileen is an experienced coach with a calm and supportive way. We had a great connection and she made me feel really comfortable from the start, leading to an extremely positive session, full of breakthroughs!

I have been searching to understand life and myself for many years – especially unhelpful relationship patterns and unconscious beliefs that create disharmony.

The coaching sessions with Aileen have brought new clarity to this process and I can now see a clear path to move forward to real change.

Aileen was present and skilled in facilitating exploration and acknowledgment of my personal story which really helped me to see the bigger picture. She helped me to see the possibilities of change and that I am the creator of that change.

I highly recommend coaching sessions with Aileen. Thank you.”

Dear Aileen A’Vard!
I want to express my gratitude for the coaching session because during the conversation I received an insight! You are great! Thanks a lot! – Ildana Halitova

Aileen is an experienced coach with a calm and supportive way. We had a great connection and she made me feel really comfortable from the start, leading to an extremely positive session, full of breakthroughs!She was patient and helped me during the moments I was stuck, using different techniques with mastery.The result was incredible, now my values are clear and I have some tools on how to leverage them to live a more fulfilled life.I highly recommend engaging Aileen as your coach! Thanks a lot Aileen A’Vard! – Vitor Penalva

I decided to understand and get clear on my values as I felt stuck, unmotivated and not sure of why I was doing what I was doing.

Aileen A’Vard was fantastic, we went through each value I thought I had and worked out it if was serving me and what new values I had to cultivate to help me achieve my goal.

Aileen A’Vard takes you into an expanded awareness to draw out your deeper purpose of having this goal which has helped me in deciding what action steps to take. I now feel clear and better yet, motivated!

I would highly recommend Aileen to anyone who is looking for clarity around their thinking and behaviour. – Tracie Yates

Ms Aileen,

As I reflect on the last few months working with you, I have become aware of some quite profound distinctions in my life. At times these were confronting as they went back many many years, but your patience and understanding and the way that we drilled down into the issue has been quite amazing. You helped me to look at these from a different perspective and explore more deeply the answers to your questions. As a man in his late 60 s, habits and thought processes become familiar patterns in ones life.

Although from my perceptive I felt that your approach to the questions posed to me were somewhat confrontational , in a very short time I realized that it was the very opposite Your manner and the depth of your understanding has been truly wonderful and has have enabled me to resolve many entrenched attitudes and thought processes.

In moving forward from here, I feel a new chapter in my lifes journey and understanding has been opened and I cannot say thank you enough .

Kind regards


I’m forever grateful to have known you Aileen A’Vard. You are always there for me when I needed someone to talk to! You offer me a few life coaching session which have opened up my mind leading me to changing my thought towards a brighter side! Everyone have experience some sort of trap, confusion, unhappiness in their life at some point of time. Over the last 18 years of living abroad that I learned to ask for help. Only the last 10 years that I decided to open up my feeling to share with person that I trusted.,because you are not alone! Right now I m feeling great & ready to help others who are going through tough time in their life with my own experience! God did answer my Prayer!! ?Thank you Aileen for your kindnesses ???. Marianne

Wow Aileen A’Vard thank you for the Values Elicitation session!
I had no idea how much of an impact this would have and has cleared the boundaries that had been keeping stuck?
Truely thankful for the amazing experience and I look forward to share my journey now that I’ve opened the potential to come.

Thanks again


I would love to thanks Aileen A’Vard for her support, guidance and amazing job during our coaching sessions. We worked together in my personal values and this has been helping me to build up my confidence and skills to achieve my goals. She added so much value to my journey. Thank you so much! ?

I want to give a big thank you and shout out to Aileen A’Vard for the awesome coaching sessions she has led me through. I took Aileen up on the offer of 3 sessions of Values Elicitation, and ended up with 5 sessions as Aileen persisted with me to get to the heart of what I was thinking, and then further into what I was feeling. She was always gentle and compassionate while never letting me off the hook and never letting me dodge the important issues I needed to face. I have experienced so much growth through these sessions. I have far more clarity about myself and what matters to me, and about how this can and will play out in my journey, both in life and as I develop my coaching business. Aileen was generous with her time and her self and created a place of trust in our conversations that extends beyond the sessions we shared. I highly recommend engaging Aileen if you are serious about stepping up in any aspects of your life, whether professional or personal.

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