Discover How to Have a High Performance Culture

& Team Using Value-Based Training

Value base is knowing people matter, they’re valued

They Contribute, They Give

Achieve high productivity
without the burnout

Enhance Mental Wellness

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Team Together We Grow

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because WE RESPECT, trust and care for each other.

WANT   the Best

When Individuals are mentally healthy, they feel valued and mattered, a greater sense of value, increased self-esteem, increased happiness, and reduced risk of developing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This is linked to improved organisational outcomes such as increase employee commitment, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

This training is designed to promote value-based training where the individual is valued and valued wellbeing and this increase shared understanding of its importance within organisations, productivity, and a better outcome.

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They Matter

Building High-Performance Culture



Team Spirit

Healthy Well-being

Collective Values

Avoid Burnout

Most of the staff that attended found your training quite helpful in workplace situations as well as personal life, which was great.
Your training has definitely facilitated in starting up our company values awareness and building a culture of trust and collaboration as support staff shared their personal stories throughout the sessions. Thank you for all your support in this area.

Waverley Industries

I have a deeper purpose of having this goal which has helped me in deciding what action steps to take. I now feel clear and better yet motivated!
I would highly recommend Aileen for this training, their thinking and behaviour.


Aileen was very present and skilled in facilitating exploration this training and acknowledgment of my personal story which really helped me to see the bigger picture.


What’s in the Program?

This training is designed to promote value-based training where the individual is valued and well-being matters. This increases shared understanding of its importance within organizations and enhances developing a high-performance team environment and culture.

This training provides an excellent introduction to workplace mental well being, reduce mental stress, increase empathy and can be applied well beyond workplace. Team will have an increased awareness and how to mange their self care during time of stress.

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Knowing yourself and others

When we know where others are at, we create a sense of empathy.

Being grateful

Gratitude lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Company vision – knowing the way

This brings a cohesiveness when there is a buy-in

Moving toward and moving away

Creating awareness of how we respond or react

Building positive relationships

This is all a part of developing a positive culture and environment

Developing confidence

When others get to know one another through their stories

About Aileen

Aileen when she first came to this country over 25 years, she struggled in fitting in and being understood, however she and her husband managed to build a very successful manufacturing and export business and always have a desire to help other migrants to build their dream in this country like they had.

Aileen was trained in human behaviours at Australiasian leading coaching and training school and with her understanding of Buddhism philosophy, she have incorporated them into her workplace training, using value based training to help build high performance culture and a sense of belonging and that every team member matter and they too want to build their dream!

She has been running leadership & communication training at schools & organisations for over 10 years and an active volunteer member.

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